About me


I'm Sofia (SOF) and I'm a body artist working between Florence and New York. I studied MA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, and I perform at some of the most innovative venues in London, New York, Paris, Milan and Florence. I work with Painting, Performance Art, Sculpture and Augmented Reality.

The themes that I pursue in my work have to do with the female body and its relationship with social media. As a millennial, my reality is influenced by the post-feminist media age, and my work responds with absolute transparency to modern narrative conventions that are inextricable part of my culture.

I was looking for ways to offer a raw representation of the female body that could challenge the distorted representation of media images when I found Anthropometries (1960). Some of Yves Klein's most successful work involved him directing naked models making imprints of their bodies. I felt the urge to re-contextualise Anthropometries  using my own body as an art object, and combining my name with Klein's original, I called the process SOPHMETRIES.


www.sophmetries.com | @sophmetries | #sophmetries | sof@sophmetries.com 


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